Your PR

In addition to writing for publications, I also write content for websites, press releases, backgrounders and white papers. In fact, I entered the business on the PR “side.” (We’re all in the business of communicating, so I refrain from saying PR people and writers are on two sides of a fence.)

I start by determining your audience and your message. Who do you want to reach? What do you want to tell them? I paint an accurate, flattering picture of your products, services, company and staff.

“How” is the hard part. Instead of shot-gunning news releases to editors who don’t want them, I craft a media list that includes editors of publications in your field. Depending on your audience and message, though, news releases may not be your best PR vehicles. I may recommend, for example, by-lined articles, podium time or e-mail blasts.

For your website, I write engaging copy that informs and entertains your customers, while linking key words to the Google mother ship.

I’m very careful to avoid conflicts of interest. For example, I cannot write your website the same week I source you for a story for a publication. (Rarely does that happen.)

PR is hard to quantify. Except when I work directly with an editor to place your story, there are no guarantees. But, by working with an experienced writer (that would be me), you can enhance your image and increase your visibility.