Clips, Clips, Clips

Here is a recent sampling from my portfolio. These are national, syndicated stories that originated with the Chicago Tribune.


– Overseas adoption wait times

Kara Chlebek takes a deep breath before describing the ordeal she and her husband, Tom, endured…

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– Boomerang pets

Rich LoNigro grew up watching “Lassie” on television. So when he met Rosie, a homeless collie…

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– Me or the dog

Angela Gonzalez shares her Carrollton, Texas, home with Peaches…

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Arts & Entertainment

– Community bands

They come from diverse backgrounds but have a common thread: a love of music…

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– Never too old to become an artist

Addie Mangoian Davis is seeing red. And teal. And purple. And fuchsia…

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– Car gawking

Even though he spends his days as a service adviser for an auto dealer…

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– Color trumps other features

Don Levy, of Birmingham, Ala., had one rule when he car shopped this year…

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– Barter clubs thrive

Kelly Athena, of Phoenix, has had her home remodeled, hair cut and car fixed, all without…

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– Matching gifts go unmatched

Every year since he adopted his 4-year-old son from South Korea…

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– Studying abroad

A semester abroad would be a great addition to your life experience and college resume. But can you afford it…

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– Majoring in relationships

Her parents sent her to college with invaluable advice…

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– “Passive House” off the grid

The home’s cobalt blue siding sets it apart from older brick houses in its River Forest neighborhood…

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– Pollution triggers health problems

The first thing Julie Franks-Marchese does each morning is…

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– Dinner-parties vs. Jackie O

Ellen Slaby has things to do. She is a director of marketing for a publisher, cares for her…

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– Sex after prostate cancer

Give it to me straight, doc.” That’s what urologists say the patient asks when…

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– Haymarket trial

Forget everything you have learned on “CSI” and “Law & Order”…

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– Internship a must

Success in college, mused University of Illinois engineering major Oscar To, “is possible without ever having to…

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– Orphanage grads in the job market

He could be the teller who counts your money or the carpenter who built your house…

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– Financial birthdays

After serving 20 years in the Air Force Reserve, Len Olson, of Arlington Heights, Ill., then 44, was eager to…

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– Incentive trusts

Often, the client calls him the Monday after Thanksgiving…

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– Expose about the origins of dog food: Part 1

Years ago, you didn’t hear the words “natural,” “organic,” “raw” or ” human-grade” in the same sentence as…

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– Expose about the origins of dog food: Part 2

Like a coke addict poised to snort a line, Mike eyed his target…

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– More women learning to shoot

Like many women, Andrea Ema was raised in a family that considered guns off-limits to girls…

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People Profiles

– Sara takes the scenic route

Sara Schastok took the scenic route to Evanston, starting from her rural Michigan roots, to India…

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– Rob, Andi and circus elephants

He was a late bloomer, confessed Chicagoan Rob Shindler, who lived with…

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– Facebook oversharing

Everyone knows a Facebook “oversharer” — someone who…

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– Prego moms feather nests

Johanna Page of Evanston is not a neatnik by nature, she said. But while pregnant…

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Real Estate

– Garage man-caves

The sign in John Schneider’s garage says “Schneider’s Biker Bar — Bikes, Beers and Babes”…

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– Rooftop retreats

After moving to an apartment in the four-story Greenview Place building in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood…

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– Today’s quilting bees

An ice storm is slowing morning commuters, but there’s no stopping the 10 members of the Sewing Circle…

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– Tombstone tourism

“Dead men tell no tales but their tombstones do,” wrote Tom Weil…

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– Adult friendships

Trenton Davis is a California engineer who moonlights as a stand-up comedian…

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– Teens in church youth groups

When it comes to religion, many of today’s parents recall their teenage years as an awkward gap between…

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– Power of prayer circles

For decades, Dick Hattan, of Geneva, suffered survivor guilt as a result of his tour in the Vietnam War…

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– Music and your brain

Note to husbands who need excuses to play the guitar with their buddies and to parents justifying…

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– Eagle Scouts flying high

Older Boy Scouts in Chicagoland and around the nation are rebuffing satirist Tom Lehrer’s spoof on…

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– Where rail fans go

By day, Chicagoan Ted Wolff is a landscape architect. Off duty, he is a member of what he calls an invisible…

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