Applause, Applause

From a homebuilder:

U da woman!

From a reader, about a story about annuities:

Thank you for helping decode a complicated and often treacherous topic.

From a patient:

You took a very complex disease, explained it in clear terms and showed the impact it has on the lives of patients and families. You are an outstanding journalist.

From one-half of a couple I interviewed about marriage:

You are a good listener. You were able to pack so much information in [the story]; only a good writer can do that.

From a nonprofit director:

Thank you for your wonderful, balanced piece and for your commitment and persistence.

From a designer:

You have an incredible talent for taking my ramblings and making me sound focused and intelligent.

From a homeowner I interviewed for a home magazine:

I have to admit I was hesitant [about participating in the story]. But you really captured me and my home and my feelings about it. I’ve received positive feedback from gals all over the country and I know your writing is a big part of that.

From a business owner:

You captured the ‘who’ we are and ‘what’ we hope to offer. You went beneath the surface.

From a reluctant interviewee:

You were easy to talk with. Thank you for taking an interest in the topic.

From a doctor:

I am grateful for your caring and inquisitive attitude. I appreciate how thoughtful you were in capturing our conversation.

From a literacy center director:

You got every detail right. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it. As a result of the story, we have 16 new tutors.

From a small-business owner:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! New clients are calling, thanks to your awesome writing.

From a homebuilder:

You are an amazing writer! You are fabulous!