An Interview with Leslie by Leslie

Q Tell us about your next movie.

A You have me confused with Leslie Mann, the movie star. Happens all the time. She may be richer, but I’m taller and can give you 1,000 words by Friday. And, BTW, it was my name first!

Q Who are some of your most interesting interviewees?

A A naked river boat captain. A privy digger. The guy who babysits the tarantulas that the Feds confiscate at O’Hare. The only people who are “normal” are the people you don’t know very well.

Q How do you handle writers’ block?

A It’s for people who don’t write for a living and have the luxury of going out for coffee. Writing is fun, but it is my work and I’m at it every day.

Q Which writers do you follow?

A Lee Child, for creating the love of my life, Jack Reacher. A.J. Jacobs, for proving that non-fiction can be hilarious. Stephen White and Robin Cook, for teaching us about medical topics while entertaining us with thrillers. Lisa Lutz, for giving us the snarky, mischievous Izzy. Don’t we all wish we could be a little more Izzy?

Q What are your pet peeves?

A School Admins Who Capitalize Every Word, Including “Gym” And “Lunch.” And, myriad writers who misuse the word “myriad.” It is a synonym for “numerous,” people. Besides, no one uses it in real life.

Q What are your personal passions?

A Adoption — of kids and pets. If I wrote the law of the land, I’d require every good parent to at least consider adoption. Too many kids need homes. And, I’d make it a crime to raise a kid without a dog or cat. They teach kids compassion, empathy and to turn around three times before lying down.

Q What’s your favorite quote?

A “The higher a woman’s ponytail, the higher her disposition.” I have no clue who first said that. Tell me who you are, and I’ll send you a sparkly scrunchie.?

Q What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A I can parallel park, guess your birth order, recite Chicago-area trivia and teach you the rubber-pencil trick. I cannot sit still, sub for your poker buddy or remove your gallbladder.

Q What do you want your eulogy to say?

A She grew happy hounds and kind kids. Now, grab a cookie, go home and do something nice for your neighbors and your family.

Q Your tombstone?

A By, Leslie Mann.